What is ProBox TV

Luis Torres VS Misael Cabrera, March 8, Ciudad Obregón, Mexico

ProBox TV is a new source of premium boxing content. We will offer live events and robust supporting content.

Our motivation for creating ProBox TV is simple. Boxing fans have been taken for granted. They’ve been underserved regarding the quality of content. Further, the other networks involved in boxing lack a commitment to the sport, the fighters and most importantly, the fans. Real fight fans need an “all-boxing channel” fully focused on giving fans what they want.

ProBox TV will also address another critical issue that boxing fans have been forced to accept for far too long: overpriced content. At ProBox TV, we are doing away with the antiquated and expensive PPV model and offering our premium content for a nominal monthly price that is affordable for every fan in every country around the world.

What makes ProBox TV unique is our focus on supporting content, such as news, podcasts and talk shows, behind the scenes and in the gym content, ProBox TV originals documentaries.

Content to be delivered monthly

  • We will provide 2 live events per month.
  • Each week our founders will come to the ProBox TV studios where they’ll produce a variety of original content including podcasts, talk shows and in the gym content.

ProBox TV Series Description

What Are They

ProBox TV Future Stars Series

The Future Stars Series is about following the journey of top amateur fighters who’ve recently turned pro. Will they fulfill their promise and potential, or will they crash and burn? Our founders have taken that journey and now they want to bring the fans along for the ride. Real boxing fans will genuinely appreciate the Future Stars series. Not only will you get the live fights but you’ll get behind-the-scenes docu-reality content as these young men go through the trials and tribulations of the journey.

ProBox TV Last Chance Tournament

Our Last Chance Tournament will start with 8 fighters from around the world. All were chosen based on a criteria of having had top amateur careers and had turned pro with expectations they would become a champion. Then they hit some bumps along the way, had some disappointing performances and boxing can be cruel if you take a couple of losses. The winner of the tournament will get that last chance to achieve their dreams of becoming a champion.

Note they were also chosen along the lines of the contenders series, they are evenly matched and they are all action fighters. This should make for a great tournament shown on our live events.

For more detail check out our last chance page after subscribing.

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