World Boxing Reacts to IOC Decision to Expel IBA from Olympic Games

Following today’s announcement that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to expel the International Boxing Association (IBA) from governing and participating in any Olympic associated boxing event, rivalling organisation World Boxing has released its own statement regarding the decision.

World Boxing was created with the specific goal of replacing the IBA as the recognised governing body for amateur boxing at Olympic tournaments. As it stands the following nations have switched allegiance from the IBA to World Boxing: USA, UK, Germany, Ukraine, New Zealand, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic and the Philippines.

World Boxing plans to be in place for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games, as it stands boxing is in grave danger of not being eligible for the tournament due to years of scandal surrounding the IBA previously named AIBA.

The statement currently reads as follows:

“We welcome the announcement by the 140th International Olympic Committee [IOC] Session to withdraw recognition of IBA

“This is a positive development for the sport and we were very pleased to hear the supportive words of the IOC’s President, Thomas Bach when he said: “Because we value the sport of boxing so much, we believe the boxers fully deserve to be governed by an international federation with integrity and transparency.”

“The IOC’s decision and the comments by its President make it clear that IBA will never again be allowed to organise a boxing tournament at the Olympic Games and that a new international federation – which is committed to delivering sporting integrity and operates according to the highest standards of governance, transparency and financial management – will inevitably be required to oversee future Olympic boxing tournaments.

“World Boxing supports this view and understands that being part of the Olympic Games is a privilege and not a right and is committed to working constructively and collaboratively with the IOC and all other stakeholders to develop a pathway that will preserve boxing’s long-term place on the Olympic programme.

“This is a hugely significant moment for the sport. All National Boxing Federations now have a critically important decision to make if they want boxers from their country to have the opportunity to compete at the Olympic Games at Los Angeles and beyond and we urge every National Federation that cares about boxers and boxing to join and support World Boxing in its efforts to ensure boxing remains at the heart of the Olympic Movement.”