Will the rumored PBC-Amazon Prime deal be announced this week?

As we grow closer to the end of the year and Showtime Boxing closes up shop for good, the growing conversation is the landing place for the PBC (Premier Boxing Champions). The word around the industry is that Amazon Prime will be the new partner, but in what capacity and when will we all find out officially? Earlier today, boxing insider/advisor Rick Glaser shared some thoughts from information he has gathered about the proposed PBC deal with Amazon.

The PBC-Amazon announcement is supposed to happen this week. There'll be a lot of bluster in the media announcement as PBC Honcho Al Haymon is attempting to keep the fighters, but when they start negotiating for their respective fights, many will realize that there's no money, it's only a PPV distribution & marketing deal, & will be good only for a chosen few, those that can actually sell PPV buys if matched with the right dance partner. This will be a great revelation for many, & definitely the start of a complete reset boxing badly needs. That's right, it's here now.”

Glaser catches a lot of heat on X for some of the things he says, which sometimes can be wrong. However, Glaser was right and was one of the first, if not the first, to comment about Showtime shutting down at the end of the year, which makes his latest comments something to pay attention to.

There have been conversations regarding the topic and what that would mean for the fighters underneath the PBC & TGB Promotions banner. A few weeks back, there were rumors that Netflix was discussing the idea of having boxing content on their platform. It could be a situation like they had in the past, where PBC had a deal that hosted fights on FOX, Showtime & Bounce TV. The idea of Amazon Prime & Netflix doing business with Al Haymon simultaneously isn’t out of the realm of possibility. A third interested streaming platform could also be considered a “dark horse” hiding in the shadows, waiting to see how this plays out. These next few weeks should be interesting as more details about PBC are unveiled.  

ProBoxTV has reached out to the Sports Department at Amazon Prime & Premier Boxing Champions for a comment on any potential announcement but hasn’t received a response yet. Once received, an update will be posted on the site.