Warrington vs. Lopez Weigh-In Results

Two world title fights will occur at the First District Arena in Leeds, England, as Josh Warrington will put his IBF featherweight title on the line against Luis Alberto Lopez, and IBF women’s 118 lbs champion Ebanie Bridges will look to defend her title against Shannon O’Connell.

The notables both main event fighters came in well around the 126 lbs limit, as Lopez cracked the scales nearly two pounds lighter than the limit, and Warrington was nearly a pound under. Bridges stole the show once again with a sexy outfit that overshadow the action prior and after.

All the fighters on the card made the contracted weight

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Josh Warrington 125.3 vs. Luis Alberto Lopez 124.31
Ebanie Bridges 117.75 vs. Shannon O’connell 117.351
Felix Cash 166 vs. Celso Neves 166.2


James Metcalf 153.6 vs. Courtney Pennington 153.1
Koby McNamara 120.1 vs. Nabil Ahmed 120.3
Shannon Courtenay 124.7 vs. Gemma Ruegg 124.8
Cory O’Regan 137.8 vs. Antonio Rodriguez 136.7
Hopey Price 123.2 vs. Jonathan Santana 123.8
Rhiannon Dixon 134.8 vs. Kristine Shergold 134.3
Junaid Bostan 155.9 vs. Athanasios Glynos 155.8