Ward discusses the need for a pension for retired fighters

Andre Ward is a legend in the ring and also known for making his voice heard in meaningful ways outside of it.

Ward was talking at a local amateur boxing event that was put on by former sparring partner-turned gym owner, Brandon ‘Flawless’ Gonzales, at Flawless Boxing in Sacramento. 

Ward spoke during an intermission, with Gonzales, about some of the changes he wants to see in the sport. 

“I would have a fighters union, and have more support for the fighters,” stated Ward.

“You got promoters eating off the fighters, you got managers eating off the fighters, and they should, right? They should, they put money up, they should benefit, but there’s no healthcare for fighters.”

Ward is a Hall of Famer. He was known for his high IQ inside the ring which might be rivaled by his mind outside of the sport and he warned young fighters about the importance of saving money earned from between the ropes in a tough sport.

“You don’t understand how important [healthcare] is until you start taking punches without eight-ounce gloves on,” Ward added. 

Ward was unapologetic as an athlete. He asked for what he deemed fair and is the last American male to have won an Olympic gold medal. 

He took fights on his terms and was notorious for not compromising, all while still looking to achieve greatness. 

As a retired athlete, Ward has become more vocal when speaking about fighters and the rights that should be afforded to them.

“There is no retirement,” Ward concluded. “If you don’t have the knowledge to save the money, there is probably not going to be nothing for you once it is all said and done. Just having a union, where fighters could have retirement, healthcare, and disability if something bad happened in the ring and financial education… So they could learn what to do with their money. It is one thing to make the money, but do you know how to invest it and save it.”