Undisputed champ Baumgardner retains WBC title despite ongoing anti-doping issues

Undisputed featherweight champion Alycia Baumgardner has been placed on probation by the WBC for her ongoing anti-doping issues following her title defence against Christina Linardatou on July 15. 

Days following the fight, it was revealed that Baumgarnder had tested positive for the substance Mesterolone, which had been collected on July 12. Baumgarder swiftly protested her innocence.

In November, Baumgarder (15-1, 7KOs) claimed she had her samples independently tested to prove her innocence. 

A statement from the WBC ‘cleared’ their title holder of “intentional ingestion or consumption of a banned substance for performance enhancement purposes.” 

However, the statement also added that, “The same evidence and arguments do not conclusively support Ms Baumgardner’s intentional ingestion of Mesterolone for performance enhancement purposes.”

Baumgarder, as part of her clearance with the WBC, will be subject to the following… “The accuracy and validity of the Adverse Finding justifies placing Ms. Baumgardner on probation for one (1) year from the date the sample that yielded the Adverse Finding was collected, or until July 12, 2024

“Ms. Baumgardner shall be subjected to a series of random anti-doping tests at her own cost, which frequency shall be determined by VADA.

“If there is an adverse finding concerning any of Ms. Baumgardner’s samples or a whereabouts failure during her probationary period and for 6-months thereafter, the WBC shall immediately and without further inquiry take immediate action against Ms. Baumgardner under the WBC Clean Boxing Program Protocol.

“Ms. Baumgardner and the WBC will work together to design and implement her participation in an anti-doping prevention program directed to active female boxers.”

The WBC does not have authority to ban boxers from competing, only to suspend, relieve or retain boxers within their respective WBC ratings and title-holding positions. Baumgardner is still being investigated by the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission, which can issue a complete ban from all sporting competitions. Their investigation has been slow. Baumgarder also remains suspended by the Association of Boxing Commissions indefinitely.

Baugarder thanked the WBC for their investigation and confirmed she would ‘proudly’ be subject to random anti-doping testing.

“I welcome and will proudly submit to random testing during this probationary period, because I take immense pride in my dedication to this sport and doing things the right way,” she said. “I am honoured to represent all female athletes, the WBC, and all the sanctioning bodies as the undisputed super featherweight world champion, and I look forward to my next title defence.”