Tyson Fury Says Usyk Is Too Small, And Won’t Get Credit For The Win

Tyson Fury returns next week, and his media tour is similar to Terence Crawford’s, as Fury is being asked more about an undisputed clash against Oleksandr Usyk rather his trilogy bout with Dereck Chisora, on December 3rd, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

“And I’ll tell you now what people are gonna say when I splatter Usyk,” Fury explained frankly. “They’re gonna say, ‘He was too small! It was a mismatch! He was never any good to Tyson. It was a mismatch.’ Whatever. And then we move on.”

Fury is six-foot-nine-inches, and at times weighing in at 277 lbs., Usyk is six-foot three-inches, and never more than 221 lbs.

That is a big gap, but purist point to the fact that Usyk is the same height as Muhammad Ali, and also shares Ali’s birthday as well, January 17th. So size shouldn’t be everything, right?

“How am I gonna get credit for beating a man half me size?,” Fury furthered when talking about Usyk. “It’s all for me to lose and nothing to gain.”

Will we ever see this dream fight? Hopefully, but I don’t know.