Tyson Fury Hints At Chisora Trilogy Next

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is still planning to fight in December.

The opponent - well, it now looks like it could be a trilogy bout against his rival from a decade ago, Derek Chisora, for a December 3rd, Cardiff fight card.

Fans might give a heavy sigh, as this fight date was first rumored to be involving Anthony Joshua, but that has long gone by the wayside.

Fury defeated Chisora in 2011, and stopped in 2014 at the advent of his start to ascension in the sport of boxing prior to defeating Wladimir Klitschko.

"I don’t think anything has been signed yet but we’re about to announce next week. There will be an announcement next week of an opponent. I think we have four or five different guys who are in the hat, in the running right now, and one will be selected next week and then it will be on like Donkey Kong on December 3," Fury told Seconds Out.

"It’s like eeny, meeny, miny, moe, whichever one of these guys I want to make a millionaire. Because that’s what we’re dealing with, whichever one I want to give the lottery ticket to basically."

Fury essentially is the show, and for some fight fans - they can’t look away. A generational talent, who has a special knack for keeping people engaged, often wanting to see him fail, which hasn’t happened until this point.

"In my opinion, Chisora at least got a draw with Usyk. So I see Chisora every bit as dangerous as Usyk – if it is Chisora [that I fight]. Did you watch that fight? It was a very good fight, very close, and I thought Chisora deserved the draw minimum," Fury said.

So, the groundwork is being laid for Fury vs. Chisora III. Why might this be disheartening?

We have a lot of good heavyweights, and in multiple divisions we’re getting log jams in which the best fighters are not always fighting the best competition, causing the tier below the best to also not fight their equal, which is trickling down and hurting the whole sport.