Trainer Jamie Moore concerned regarding judges in Dublin for Cameron Vs Taylor 2

Chantelle Cameron is back in Dublin to rematch Irish superstar Katie Taylor this evening.

The undisputed super lightweight world champion defeated Taylor by majority decision this past May in the Irish capital. One judge scored the bout a draw, with the other two judges scoring in favour of Cameron. 

“In my eyes there was no way the fight was anywhere near close to a draw last time.” Cameron’s trainer Jamie Moore said to Boxing Social. “If one judge can give it a draw in a fight like that, then if it is a little bit closer then of course it is a concern. That is my only concern to be honest. 

“If Katie Taylor comes out and Chantelle doesn’t perform to her best and comes out and wins the fight fair and square, I’ll have no complaints whatsoever. Listen, let's not talk about it from a personal point of view as well, let’s talk about it in general. The last thing we need on a night where the spotlight is on boxing in a massive way, women boxing in particular, is on the incline and going to fantastic places. The last thing we want is a controversial decision. It happened 12 or 18 months ago, it leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. Everybody goes on about it, it drives me nuts. Nobody wants to be talking about the scorecards or the judges, everybody wants to be talking about what a great fight. So that is my only concern, that the judges aren’t fair.”