Trainer McGirt: "I stand by Dillian" following Whyte testing failure

Trainer Buddy McGirt has come out in support of Dillian Whyte following the confirmation that the former world title challenger has been found to have failed a VADA-administered anti-doping test. 

Whyte had been scheduled to face Anthony Joshua on August 12th at London’s O2 Arena in a highly anticipated rematch following their 2015 British heavyweight title shootout, with Joshua claiming a seventh-round stoppage. 

Whyte has come out and protested his innocence regarding the revelation of his failed testing procedure, of which the substance he has failed for not being disclosed at the time of publication. 

McGirt revealed to Neue Online Casino that he is shocked at the news regarding Whyte’s doping test failure and that he had backed Whyte to knock out Joshua next week because the training camp was “great.”

“To be honest I’ve literally just heard about it myself, I was in bed watching Judge Judy. They say they’ve found an adverse analytical finding, what the hell is that? I’m very, very disappointed because Dillian was ready, I haven’t spoken to Dillian yet and it is hard to comment because I really don’t know what the hell is going on.

“I have never been in this situation before, it’s a fucked up feeling because of all the hard work that has gone in. Everybody has sacrificed. And it’s a week before the fight and he’s looking sharp and now this. It’s a big fucking let down. Camp has been great. I felt in my heart he was going to knock Joshua out.”

McGirt continues to add that he stands by Dillian and that the whole training team will meet and seek to resolve the situation internally. 

“I stand by Dillian, I’m not going to turn my back on him. I will never do that, I will stand by him through thick and thin and right now that shit is thick, so I’ve really got to stand by him.

“But until they say what the substance is, I can’t make a statement. Everybody in the camp is going to get together in a couple of hours and find out what the hell is going on. It’s a kick in the balls.

“I feel in my heart of hearts Dillian would never take anything illegal because he’s always been a straight forward guy and from being around him, he really loves his career, he cherishes it, and this a fight that could have put him right back up there, so why f**k it up?

“People should not be the judge and the jury until the evidence is proven. Everyone will have their opinion, but let’s wait and see what it is.”