Tommy Fury To Be Given WBC Ranking

Tommy Fury will be ranked by the WBC after his victory against Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia. It has been confirmed by the ranking governing body. It was unclear in the build-up of last weekend's Pay-Per-View if Fury was successful in defeating Paul if would be given a opportunity in earning a ranking within the WBC. Paul was promised a ranking if he was to defeat Fury, however, it has since been confirmed by the WBC that he shall.

Mauricio Sulaiman, the organisation’s president, confirmed to the DAZN Boxing Show that he will be ranked within the top forty of the organisation’s cruiserweight rankings.
“Well, the new ranking will come next week and, yes, he will be ranked,” Sulaiman stated. “The WBC has 40 fighters ranked per division. And what I said personally was that the winner would be ranked, and I didn’t mention any number at all, any position at all.

“So, the rankings committee will meet over the beginning of the month and make the assessment.”

It is unclear what Fury will be doing next however due to a rematch clause in favour of Jake Paul in last weekend’s bout agreement which he has indicated immediately post-fight that he will seek to activate. Furthermore, Logan Paul (Brother of Jake) has thrown his hat into the ring to face Fury along with rumours and suggestions that Fury could land a lucrative with countryman and influencer, KSI.

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