Tommy Fury: I'm Only Going To Get Stronger

Tommy Fury will be a relieved man following his victory over his rival, Jake Paul, surviving a knockdown in the eighth and final round to claim a split decision with two scores of 76-73 in his favour. The pair finally closed the door on the opening chapter of their rivalry with a rematch almost certainly set to happen due to a rematch clause in favour of Jake. Jake post-fight indicated that he wants to run the fight back again which Fury indicated he would be willing to do.

Tommy post-fight spoke of the pressures which he had to endure and how this particular encounter consumed his life for two years. Two previous fights were previously scheduled however due to injury and immigration issues those fights collapsed much to the displeasure of Paul. Fury was the betting underdog despite being a bonafide boxer in comparison to Paul, yet showed composure and maturity to withstand the pressure inside the ropes and most importantly outside the ropes too.

“For the past two years, this is all that has consumed my life. Broken rib. Denied access. Everybody thought I was running scared. Tonight, I made my own legacy. I am Tommy Fury," Fury said.

“All through these past two years, I had a dream and a vision that I would win this fight. And no one believed me. Now I can stand up and everybody can take note. It’s my first main event at 23 years old. I had pressure on my shoulders, and I came through.

“This is my first main event. I’m only going to get stronger, and I’m only going to get bigger. There were a lot of nerves going into that fight, but I override that. If he wants a rematch, bring it on.”