Teofimo: Tank vs. Ryan Garcia Is A 50-50 Fight

Teofimo Lopez recently defeated Sandor Martin on ESPN in a close and competitive fight. Lopez recently weighed in on a massive lightweight bout between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia, a rumored fight to take place this spring.

“I truly believe it’s a 50-50 fight at the moment,” Lopez told Keith Idec of when talking about Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis. “It’s all about who wants it more. But it’s gonna be great for the sport of boxing, no matter what. You know, no matter how it goes, the fight fans are finally getting something. If it’s not Crawford and Spence, at least we’re getting Davis and Garcia. It’s great for the sport.”

With both fighters, Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis both having fights at 140 lbs., it is clear that they might fight Teofimo Lopez in the not so distant future.

“This is what we need,” Lopez said. “We need more of this, especially in 2023. In the upcoming years, we need fights like me and Devin Haney. We need fights like Garcia and Davis and so on and so forth. Obviously, as you can see, the guys that have been in the game for a little bit longer than us do not wanna fight. They do not wanna entertain the fans like we want to. You know, this is a new era coming into the sport of boxing. And I promise you this is gonna be the one that saves our sport.”