Teofimo Lopez: "the only way you get Teo back is a nine-figure contract deal"

Newly Crowned WBO world super-lightweight world champion, Teofimo Lopez, has continued to reiterate that he is now retired following his impressive victory over former undisputed world 140lb champion and now former WBO world title holder Josh Taylor. However, he would return to the ring if he received a nine-figure contract to continue fighting.

Almost immediately post-fight, Lopez stated to reporters ringside, which included ProBox TV that he was “taking a break” from the sport and that he would be focusing on divorce proceedings following the collapse of his marriage. Concerns had been raised regarding the mental well-being of Lopez, who made outlandish comments that he was prepared to take the life of Taylor in the lead-up to the June 10th encounter, which took place at the theater at the Madison Square Garden, New York.

Lopez seemingly confirmed his retirement on social media, claiming that his decision now came as a “relief.”

Teofimo did expand on his retirement claim later on when he spoke with Shawn Porter on the former welterweight world champion’s podcast “The Porter Way.”

In the lead-up to his bout with Taylor, Lopez claimed that he was underpaid his market value in his fights and claimed that his promoter and broadcaster were more biased towards other fighters regarding how much those fighters got paid compared to himself. The now two-weight world champion claims that he has generated revenues over 100 million dollars for broadcaster ESPN and that if he were to return, he would need a deal that reflects his value estimation.

Lopez refused to name names in who he was referring to within the Top Rank & ESPN banner but claimed fighters were earning 8,10,12,15 million dollars while he earning “a million dollars” per fight. Lopez further elaborates that he feels like he is the black sheep of the industry and that corruption is going on, with no context in what he is referring to.

“I think the only way you get Teo back is a nine-figure contract deal,” Lopez said. “Because I’ve made ESPN over a $100 million. I’m still getting paid a million dollars to fight while all these other fighters have not even done a quarter of what I’ve done and accomplished in the sport, they’re getting eight, 10, 12, 15 million dollars.

“So obviously I’m the black sheep of the industry and they’re really hurting me on that end. I really want to fix the sport of the boxing world and the corruption that’s going on.”