Sunny Edwards decisions Andres Campos on Matchroom debut

IBF flyweight world champion Sunny Edwards made his Matchroom debut this evening at Wembley Arena, London. The undefeated Andres Campos came to challenge the Englishman for his title in the hope of becoming Chile’s first world champion.

Round 1 saw Edwards try to get straight into his usual rhythm with Campos doing his best to apply the pressure. Edwards let his hands go at the end of the round that the DAZN commentary team gave to the away fighter. Edwards appeared to be testing the power of the Chilean in the opening three minutes.

Contrasting styles were apparent in the opening 2 rounds as Campos pushed the pressure with Edwards happy to work around the target. He was in his entertainer mood, appreciating his smart movement to avoid Campos’s never ending attacks.

The 3rd round saw Campos continue to apply the pressure, his tactics were very obvious even at this early stage of the fight. Edwards exhibited world class movement as he wowed the London crowd with his elusiveness. Campos’s pressure was relentless as pushed Edwards to the ropes at the end of the round, remarkably not landing much, Edwards was at home despite Campos’s aggressiveness. 

The 4th saw Campos again came to the center of the ring. Edwards landed two good rights to the body after the first minute, but there was little respect for the power of the Englishman. Again Campos had Edwards pinned to the ropes, this time Campos had more success as he started to land a little more consistently when he had his man pinned. However, there was not a moment he looked in any serious trouble as he still landed good counter shots. 

Round 5 saw Edwards use the ring and his experience to his advantage, staying out of danger’s way for the majority of the round. Again, the champion found himself in the corner as he appeared to attempt to trap Campos. The round ended with Edwards letting his hands go, landing a good three shots to the head. 

The 6th started with Edwards in the corner, as he appeared to tire a little. The champion found himself stuck in the corner for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Campos had a great round landing a right uppercut during an impressive three minutes for the Chilean. Edwards did seem to be hurt very slightly, but regrouped to finish the round behind his trusty jab. 

Round 7 saw Edwards starting with a left hook that caught the guard of Campos. A boxing lesson for Campos is what Edwards now needed. The smile reappeared on a slightly rejuvenated Edwards after a tough round 6. The intense pressure of Campos did not serve the Chilean as well in the previous round as Edwards did much better on the back foot to take the round.

The 8th saw Edwards do some more impressive work. A jab out nowhere was impressive on the one minute mark. Edwards boxing skills were impressive as he landed a gluttony of shots upstairs after two minutes. Campos took them well and continued to press the action. Edwards was doing well to maintain a rhythm with the constant forwardness of Campos. 

The 9th continued on the same path. Campos had Edwards trapped again after one minute as he landed shots to the body. However, the champion returned with more good boxing. With one minute to go the pair exchanged body shots. At this stage it was a good fight for the neutral but it was much closer than many had expected.

Campos expressed a desire to meet in the center of the ring after the first 60 seconds in round number 10. However, a mature and intelligent boxing display saw Edwards make up for a disappointing round 9. Campos was out of ideas for the full three minutes.

Campos started the 11th in the same spirit that had given him periods of success. By this stage Edwards had started to predict the forward movements of Campos much earlier than previously, leaving him again without an answer.

The 12th and final round saw Campos hit the center of the ring early, as expected. He again had Edwards pinned on the ropes, but again, he could not make use of the time he had his man cornered. The pair traded until the final bell, neither man’s power was a serious asset in this one.

The scorecards all read; 117-111 for Sunny Edwards to start his Matchroom debut successfully. Eddie Hearn guaranteed a unification for Edwards in his next fight. Edwards remains undefeated with a new record of 20-0 (4 KOs). Campos picks up a career first defeat with a record of now 15-1 (4 KOs).