Spence vs. Crawford - Will It Happen?

Errol Spence Jr. post a message on Twitter today to address seemingly Terence Crawford:

“[expletive] been stalling for months I could’ve fought in November [SIC],” stated Spence via his social media platforms.

At this point, the super-fight seems doomed for 2022 - and I am not optimistic about the future of the fight in 2023 at this point either.

Per Keith Idec of, the legal team for Terence Crawford has concerns over the contract given the magnitude of the fight. It appears that if an agreement can be made now the targeted date is February - which is a big letdown for hardcore fight fans, who hoped to see the two fight in November or even December.

With November 19th being the speculated date originally, this mega-fight is slowly becoming “the boy who cried wolf”, as anything other than an official announcement is simply lip service at this point.