Sparring Tales Give Smith Confidence Leading Into Eubank Fight Says Ex Trainer Gallagher

The former trainer of Liam Smith, Joe Gallagher, confirmed finally after many years of gym tales that Liam Smith had hurt Chris Eubank Jr in a notable sparring session in his gym in Bolton. Liam and his fighting brothers Paul, Callum and Stephen trained under the eye of Joe for several years before Callum and Liam decided to part ways from the former Ring Magazine trainer of the year. 

The build up to Eubank Jr v Smith which takes places on the 21st has seen the pair talk about a spar between the pair which Smith felt that Eubank Jr struggled in but was also hurt in and was immediately put to a halt by Eubank Jr. 

Smith stated that on Sky Sports’s Gloves are Off Programme “I know Chris can be hurt to the body; I’ve openly said it, I know I hurt him to the body."

"He’ll tell you different, but he’s telling you he’s never been hurt in his life, so that’s just Chris."

“Obviously size made it an even spar, and that’s what I’m trying to say now. Size here is making this fight a 50-50, or a great fight as people are saying.”

Eubank Jr responded on to that with “I don’t remember if I hurt him. He says he hurt me to the body and nearly put me on the canvas. I think that is a whimsical tale."

“We’re both probably two different fighters compared to what we were back then. Well, I know I am; he may not be, but I am.”

Joe Gallagher responded to this speaking to Sky Sports on the introduction to fight week coverage of the Eubank Jr v Smith affair whilst being interviewed about the pair had said about the spar.

“It was a good spar. Liam did catch Chris with a good body shot."

"It wasn't a body shot that he fell on the floor, he walked around holding his side, whinging a little bit but he recovered and carried on."

"But Liam did have his moment in the spar in there and I think that's what's given Liam huge confidence going into this."