Sources: Floyd Mayweather vs. Mikey Garcia & Keith Thurman vs. Danny Garcia on December 9?

It looks like we will see Floyd Mayweather Jr. back in the ring for another exhibition before the end of the year. Rumors are swirling through Sin City that Mr. TBE will make his return to the ring on December 9th against recently retired former four-division champion Mikey Garcia. The card is also rumored to have the return of Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman (30-1, 22 KOs) as he faces Danny Garcia again (37-3, 21 KOs), but this time at junior middleweight.

It will be fitting that the man who took Showtime Boxing to the next level is the one to close the show. Earlier today, news of Showtime Boxing’s demise made its rounds as Paramount will not proceed to have boxing on its network for 2024. In recent weeks, there have been reports that Amazon and DAZN are negotiating with Premier Boxing Champions to distribute their shows. With December 9th being the 100th night of boxing, Mayweather Jr. is the right man to sundown the company that has been in the boxing business for over 37 years. Regardless of where this card takes place, it looks to be a better showing than the one HBO put up when they got out of the boxing business. 

Garcia being the opponent is interesting as he retired some years ago while stating the lack of desire to keep fighting. Garcia is a fan favorite and has kept his face within the boxing scene as he’s popped up on several shows and can be found at his brother Robert’s gym periodically. Garcia has never shied away from the opportunity to make money, so this makes all the sense in the world. If this fight happens, the catchweight can be around 155 pounds, which would benefit both men.


The whispers are that this fight will be on the December 9th card with Mayweather, and if so, it’ll be one between two fighters who have been inactive for well over a year. Thurman has been linked to several fighters, but they all seem more risk than reward as he still feels the need to be paid a high guarantee, according to what he said on several social media platforms. On the other hand, Garcia doesn’t seem too eager to step back in the ring unless the situation is right, and for two fighters well past their prime, the time seems appropriate. With the welterweight titles around Terence Crawford’s waist, the path of least resistance in the future will likely be at junior middleweight, so this can be a final send-off for one of these competitors. Let’s watch all this as Showtime Boxing closes its doors and looks to leave on a high note.