Shannon Briggs on Fury-Ngannou: 'It's an unbelievable fight'

Former heavyweight world champion Shannon Briggs believes Tyson Fury-Francis Ngannou will be a fantastic fight ahead of the interest-generating fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to ProBox TV News, Briggs believes Fury-Ngannou will demonstrate the best of boxing vs MMA, stating that the fight is ‘unbelievable’.

“It’s an unbelievable fight. The top of MMA, the top of boxing, can’t beat this champ (To ProBox TV’s Adam Noble-Forcey), said Briggs.

“I think it’s going to be a very exciting fight for the first two, three, four rounds and then Tyson should box him. If he doesn’t, who knows man, he got Mike Tyson in his corner. I’m sure Mike told him (Ngannou) to go on the inside.”

Briggs eludes that if the action between the pair becomes a toe-to-toe affair, there will be no hiding place for either man due to the size of the ring being used for the encounter.

“So we’re going to see (if it becomes a toe-to-toe encounter). But it’s a small ring. It’s a small ring”

Briggs continues that if Fury comes through unscathed against Ngannou, Fury must face Usyk in an undisputed match-up finally. The date of December 23 is highly likely to be confirmed, if not immediately, in the coming days following Fury-Ngannou.

“It is very important, vital we need to verify who’s the heavyweight champion in the world between those guys, adds Briggs.

When pushed on who Briggs favours between Fury-Usyk, Briggs quickly responded to the question with a definitive answer.

“Fury, easy win by boxing Usyk stated Briggs. You know, before, i thought Usyk had a much more of a chance because he was throwing a lot more punches in his previous fights, but not anymore.”