Shakur Stevenson Targeting George Kambosos Jnr., next

Shakur Stevenson is now a lightweight, but he still can’t find an opponent.

Stevenson originally targeted Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz, but that fight fell through, his next point of focus was William Zepeda, who just defeated Joseph Diaz Jr., yet that didn’t happen either.

Stevenson’s next target from undisputed lightweight world champion, George Kambosos Jnr., who spent all of 2022, fighting Devin Haney, whom he lost to twice.

“It may be Kambosos, because Pitbull turned me down and Zepeda turned me down,” Stevenson explained to popular YouTube channel, FightHubTV. “I know from the rankings that Kambosos is next, so I think it will be Kambosos, probably.”

Stevenson though feels that the issue is much bigger than fighters simply not taking a fight with him.

“I think it’s sad,” Stevenson said. “I think boxing is in a sad state, when fighters can just duck and get away with it. I think that the fans and everybody allowed them to duck. Nobody really got on top of them the way that if I was to do something like that, or Devin, or let’s say anybody you know in the sport—If they do that they (the fans) gonna hop on they ass, so honestly I feel like boxing is just getting said that they allow fighters to duck like that.”