Kalle Sauerland: Chris Eubank Jr wants the Liam Smith rematch but trust levels are not high

Chris Eubank Jr. still sits with no firm fight date despite his name clogging up the headlines when coupled with either Liam Smith or in a more extreme case, Conor Benn.

The British middleweight’s chance to dance with Benn fell through for reasons we all know. Eubank has since tasted a first career knockout defeat to Liam Smith, a rematch was arranged but due to injury it was tentatively rescheduled with no firm date again and again.

The same can be said for Eubank’s blockbuster clash with Benn, the latter’s promoter Eddie Hearn has told ProBox TV back in May that “Chris Eubank Jr want’s the Conor Benn fight.” The tune hasn’t changed from Matchroom since, Saudi Arabia, America and the U.A.E have all been discussed while Benn awaits permission to box under British jurisdiction due to a long winded drugs scandal. The British star sits in-between two options that have not been finalised, and may never come to fruition. 

ProBox TV spoke exclusively with promoter Kalle Sauerland to get the latest on arguably his most valuable fighter. 

“We signed up for the rematch [with Liam Smith].” Sauerland said. “The rematch of course was pushed three times. You know…it is terrible! It has cost three months of Chris’s career. He’s gutted, he has been in training for a hell of a long time. We had Roy Jones [Jr.] over there, David Haye was over there.”

Sauerland paused for second in slight frustration before he continued. “You know, you talk about reaching an agreement for the rematch still, but the trust levels after three pull outs are not exactly at the highest.”

I asked if the team were in limbo?

“Not really, we are actually in a good position.” Sauerland answered. “At the end of the day, when people look into it, they do want to see the rematch. But at the same time there are options on the table. The preferred route, Chris has made it very clear, he wants that rematch and that is what we are going for.

“I don’t want to get into contracts and things, but right now we are outside of the rematch time. After three pull outs, I don’t think I need a lawyer to look at that too long. But, at the same time he does want to do the rematch. There is a lot of talk about a potential Benn fight, but it is very difficult as a promoter to look at potential fights that you have no control over. I mean, how long does it take? They have taken nine months to even get to a hearing! I’m not going to sit here for another nine months and wait for a decision. No, that’s not the case. Right now, we are focused on that rematch still.”