Ryan Garcia Promoter Sets Deadline Of Monday For Davis Fight

Oh no! We have a deadline and that means bad things typically in boxing. 

On Saturday night, Oscar De La Hoya sent out a proclamation via his Twitter account stating the following.

“I have no contract, deadline for me is Monday or I’m moving on. #DavisGarcia," tweeted De La Hoya, who set today, Martin Luther King Jr. day as the deadline.

In boxing, we hardly ever see deadlines being met with joy as this often turns into a power struggle and the fans suffer. This news sent sorrow through hardcore fight fans, and casual fans as this was one step in the wrong direction - one step closer to not getting this fight.

Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis for those unaware are the two most popular fighters under the age of thirty with a accolades in professional boxing. Davis just knocked out Hector Luis Garcia on pay-per-view on January 7th, and Garcia knockout Javier Fortuna last summer. The January 28th fight card Golden Boy is promoted with Alexis Rocha vs Anthony Young was seemingly supposed to be for Ryan Garcia, but Garcia has now opted for no tune up, and to go straight into the Tank Davis fight. 

The new fear is…if we don’t have a contract soon, can these fighters really fight on the April 15th date that has been floated around prior. Add to that, Davis has an open case that is ongoing in February and we have a lot of roadblocks getting in the way of this mega-fight.

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