Ruthless Orlando Gonzalez wants to take Jorge Castaneda’s scalp en route to world-title contention

Puerto Rico’s Orlando Gonzalez seeks to bring the heat to Plant City when on Wednesday he fights the proven Jorge Castañeda in a career-defining fight.

Gonzalez was signed by ProBox TV after his performance against Mexican Ramiro Cesena in the 10-round war he won via unanimous decision. 

“It was a tough fight, a competitive fight, but we were in excellent condition and with a lot of intelligence and bravery, we were able to come out with a great victory,” Gonzalez, at 28 one year older than Texas’ Castaneda, told ProBox TV. “That positions us where we are now – with a good deal and the possibility of a regional title fight.

“We did not make extraordinary adjustments. We understand that the last fight we have a good recipe in terms of conditioning, and we understand that for this we will be the same.

“[Jorge] Castañeda as I mentioned before is a tall fighter, with a big reach; he makes his adjustments within the fight and is hungry” Gonzalez explained. “We must always have respect for him because he comes looking for what he wants.

“I understand that I am a fighter of higher quality; of greater boxing arsenal. It is a matter of putting it into practice on the night of the fight, but obviously without detracting from Castañeda, who as I said before is a hungry fighter.

“I come with everything not only to bring a victory for Puerto Rico but also to give a slap on the table of the 130 pounders. Between the champions and the ranked fighters, if I have a resounding victory as we believe to have it, it puts me at the door, or better said, in the eyes of the world champions.”

The 130lbs division is among the most competitive in the world in 2023.

“I hope to go to the WBA convention and ask for the opportunity to be among the top 10,” Gonzalez continued.

“We know that last weekend [Lamont] Roach had an important victory over Hector [Luis] Garcia [Roach won via split decision], but I understand that not many fighters want to fight him – if I have a resounding victory as we expect on Wednesday [at the ProBox Event Center], I will raise my hands and for sure, I would be willing to take that kind of fight.

“I invite everyone to go to the ProBox TV platform, a promising platform, where we will be fighting on next year and that Orlando Gonzalez always brings good fights to the table. I’m sure they will enjoy it.”