Roy Jones Jr: I think Francis Ngannou 'can do pretty good' as a professional boxer

Former UFC heavyweight world champion Francis Ngannou achieved the unthinkable against Tyson Fury in his boxing debut over one week ago in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

The MMA superstar picked up a split-decision loss in a fight many believe he won after dropping the WBC heavyweight world champion to the canvas in the third round. Praise has followed Ngannou’s name since his showdown with Fury in the Middle East. 

ProBox TV discussed Ngannou’s future in the sport with former four-weight world champion and one time WBA heavyweight belt holder Roy Jones Jr after the dramatic night in Riyadh.

“You got to give credit to Dewey Cooper, you got to give credit to Francis Nagnnou, You got to give credit to Mike Tyson.” Jones said in an exclusive interview. “They all got together and made sure Ngannou was comfortable being in the boxing ring the way he should have been. With him being comfortable since the first round, he was very comfortable, as long he wasn’t getting pushed around he was going to be okay. Fury wasn’t really ready for him to be pushed as hard as he needed to be. So, Fury never got him out of his comfort zone. As long as he stayed in that comfort zone, he was always going to be a problem.”

With Ngannou’s name now being linked to the likes of former two time heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua, it appears the African colossus has a future in the sport.

“It is hard to tell [how far he can go] off that one fight.” Jones added. “What we need to see before we can make that assessment, we will need to see a situation with how he operates against a guy who does not allow him to remain comfortable all night. Then we will have a better assessment of how good he can do as a professional boxer. From last night, he look like he can do pretty good.”