Romero accepts Garcia challenge: 'I been calling him out since 2017'

Rolando Romero said he's interested in facing Ryan Garcia.

The 25-year-old Garcia beat Oscar Duarte by stoppage Saturday in Houston, and called Romero out immediately after the win.

Romero, currently sidelined due to injury, welcomed the challenge and even said to Fight Hype that it could be one of the "biggest pay-per-views" in 2024.

"If that fight gets made – I don’t wanna say too much because, you know, maybe I say two or three words, and he might get depression and retire for a year. Or, you know, like I said, we don’t know what’s really like, what’s really there. Maybe he’s speaking out of his ass. Maybe it’s some bullshit. We don’t know.

"But I know if the fight does get signed, it’s gonna be one of the biggest" that can be made, he said.

Romero continued: "It's a fight that’s been long overdue. I been calling him out since April 2017. I got the date memorised. It’s a fight that’s been long awaited by me, the boxing media, the boxing fans, everyone. You know, it’s just one of those mega-fights."

Though the two fighters are on different sides of the boxing street with Garcia signed to Golden Boy and DAZN, and Romero allied with Mayweather Promotions, the organizations involved have worked together before as its key figures — Leonard Ellerbe and Eric Gomez — were fundamental players in the Gervonta Davis vs. Garcia bout.

The build-up alone could be box office as Romero called himself "the greatest salesman in the world" and termed Garcia a "pretty princess."

He said: "It sounds like a good time."