Regretful Jermell Charlo looks ahead to Terence Crawford and more money fights

Jermell Charlo fronted up to the media after his comprehensive loss to Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas, and revealed his disappointment with what transpired in the T-Mobile.

While the 154lbs champion said he was happy with his effort, having stepped up in weight to challenge the undisputed 168lbs king, he faced criticism in some quarters for being too negative and not aggressive enough.

“It felt like I could do a lot more than I did,” Charlo said. “I’ve seen skills [in previous fights] and he [Canelo] has some great skills in the ring. You’ve got to give it to him.”

Charlo was responding to Canelo’s claims this week that the Mexican felt Charlo had not rated him highly as a fighter. Asked whether Canelo’s ability had surprised him, Charlo replied: “I don’t want to say it surprised me. He showed his attention span was thicker than it seems.”

Charlo climbed off the deck in the seventh round but never came close to turning the fight around or in his favour. 

“It was a shot I didn’t see,” he explained of the right hand that toppled him. “And I regrouped myself and felt, ‘now we’ve got to go back and win the next few rounds because it’s a 10-8 round’.”

That did not happen. Canelo was too good, too big, too strong and Charlo could not get a foothold. 

“It didn’t happen and it sucks,” he admitted. “[Trainer] Derrick [James] let me know I slipped up in the second round [losing it] and I just never got to the point where I could put a bit of pressure on him.”

Charlo was asked whether he wanted to fight the winner of the October fight between Tim Tszyu and Brian Mendoza, about Terence Crawford and what might happen next. He did not aggressively single any one target out, but said he would talk to James and his managers and follow their plans and advice. 

“It’s about being great,” he said, somewhat bullishly. “I’m already a legend. Hopefully you all put me in the Hall of Fames. It’s about fighting the best fights and making the most money at this point in my career.”

He is also aware that coming off a loss, he neither has the same momentum or leverage, and he might even have to get in line for the likes of Crawford, especially considering Jermell’s stablemate Errol Spence has a rematch clause to face Bud.

“Terence Crawford could be on the radar,” Jermell continued. “My brother Errol got it on with him and Errol wants to get his lick back. Maybe I’ll talk a little bit more shit [to get a big fight], because that’s what y’all want from me.” 

However he talks and whatever he says, the 33-year-old Charlo will hope there is something big around the corner so he won’t have to lament what might have been for long.

“We had a fight and I got in there to fight,” Charlo said. “It’s as simple as that.” 

“I could have,” he sighed, when asked if he could have done more. “I could have been more aggressive.”