Regis Prograis Allowed Voluntary Defense After Ramirez Fight Fell Through

Regis Prograis won the WBC 140 lbs vacant world title by defeating Jose Zepeda. According to the WBC rules, Prograis would have to defend it twice against mandatories, that rule is now being changed after Prograis is struggling to find a mandatory to fight.

“The WBC has received official confirmation that Jose Carlos Ramirez has decided to withdraw from fighting against WBC champion Regis Prograis, a fight which was mandated,” stated the WBC. “The WBC will give Regis Prograis a voluntary defense until we can analyze the future steps to be taken in the division.”

The major sticking point for Joe Ramirez’s team was the purse split. The WBC upped the purse split from 65-35 from 70-30, which was the original purse split. Ramirez is now rumored to face Richard Commey in March of 2023 in Fresno, California, instead of Prograis.

“Regis does not and has never came close to what Ramirez earns, his drawing power to over 130,000 people that have attended his 12 arena fights, his endorsements, network backed promoter, equity built in him and brings a resume that includes an Olympian moniker, World Champion with multiple defenses, Unified World Champion, beaten former world champions, etc.,” Mirigian wrote in a detailed Instagram post. “…Regis should have sent Ramirez a THANK YOU card to do a 50/50 split let alone what Ramirez was willing to do and give him a higher split still exposure from a major network. Regis will make less then half of what he would have with Ramirez against the available guys now. Ramirez will make 2.5 times what Regis will make fighting as a Champion. Ramirez was willing to take a massive pay cut to fight but that split giving Regis DOUBLE what Ramirez would get was just comical.”

Prograis’ manager disagrees.

“Simply, you passed up a title opportunity,” Sam Katkovski, Prograis’ manager. “Zero attempt was done to try and strike a deal. If Ramirez tried and wanted it, why not call our side? You simply pivoted to an easier fight, there is no need for 1000 reasons/excuses"

"I think that’s all because how he beat Muhammad Ali—he [expletive] him up in that fight. I don’t really think people consider him. Nobody really talk about Larry Holmes. I think it’s all because of that.”

It seems Spence doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao, because of the negative impact it could have on his legacy.

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