Promoter Ben Shalom insists Natasha Jonas is at the wheel of her own future

Promoter Ben Shalom has said the future of IBF welterweight champion Natasha Jonas is in her own hands.

Jonas is coming off an action-packed, close and controversial win over American Mikaela Mayer on January 20, and beforehand the 39-year-old Liverpool star had said 2024 might be her last in boxing, and that she hoped to sign off with three career-defining fights.

Shalom said he would welcome a rematch with Mayer after the first fight did big numbers on Sky Sports, but he has yet to discuss next steps with Jonas.

A rematch could be an option, however.

“Maybe, I’ve not actually spoken to her,” said the Boxxer promoter. “I’ve let her enjoy her win and she really deserved a night like that. We’ve got a lot of fighters in that welterweight division with Mikaela, Lauren Price, Natasha Jonas and obviously there’s Sandy Ryan, Jessica McCaskill, so there are a lot of fights. Whether that is next [a return] it will be up to Natasha Jonas if I’m honest, and at this stage of her career, she’s the boss.”

Jonas has won six in a row since a close loss to Katie Taylor in 2021, capturing titles at super-welterweight and then welterweight.

Mayer said she wanted a rematch.

“Absolutely, I think it sells,” admitted Shalom. “I think it’s a great fight and I think fans would love to see it.”

If the pair fought again, and Mayer won, that would set up a trilogy and Jonas could conclude her career with only boxing Mayer but, again, that would be down to Jonas. 

Shalom is happy to allow her to call the shots.

“She could [box Mayer once or twice more], and it will come down to her, and ultimately at a stage of her career, I can’t begrudge her from taking the best offer on the table,” Shalom continued.

“It’s a really hard fight. It’s a very difficult fight but if she’s got this year left in the sport, she will take the fights she wants to take. Of course, as a promoter I’d love to promote that fight.”

But with Jonas looking towards the end of her career, Shalom has another starlet on the rise in the form of Shane McGuigan-trained Caroline Dubois. The 23-year-old could become a crossover star, and the 9-0 23-year-old is being tipped for big things by both her trainer and promoter. 

Dubois widely-outscored Miranda Reyes earlier this month.

“Caroline will definitely fight for a world title next,” Shalom went on. “She’s done remarkably well, she’s still young and she’s managed to keep really active, which I think has been the key to her success and that will continue.”