Najee Lopez steals the show after a novice boxer punched his ProBox TV opponent so hard he puked

PLANT CITY: In the first fight of the night at the ProBox Event Center in Plant City, Florida, burgeoning novice boxer Tyshawn Denson from Ohio bodyshot his opponent Kameeko Hall so hard that he vomited in the ring, and an official had to mop the sick away with a towel.

It served as a strange metaphor for how ProBox Promotions has been throwing up good fights, with entertaining boxing styles, throughout the year as we look to close the year with a bang, before building further on this platform in 2024 and beyond.

Mikahail Hernandez outpointed Erion Johnson in the second bout with scores of 39-37 (x2) and 40-36, before Ryan Schwartzberg scored a landslide win (40-36 x 3) over Dante Concepcion.

Bodyshots returned again later in the show

Midway through the second round, Dominic Valle seemed to one-up Denson by scoring an even more brutal bodyshot knockout when he iced Janel Lausa midway through the second round.

Valle slumped Lausa so decisively that the once-beaten Filipino ended up face-down on the canvas, laying there in agony, almost motionless, failing to beat the count.

From nearby in Lutz, Florida, Valle advanced his pro record to 8 wins (6 KOs) and left the ring on another high as he scored photographs with all three ProBox ring girls.

After, Najee Lopez and Yildo Depestre exchanged blows in a light heavyweight fight.

Lopez, with disgustingly heavy hands, was threatening to put Depestre on his butt throughout the opening round and managed to score a weird buzzer-beater with a head-shot, body-shot two-punch combo that Depestre appeared to block, yet still drop, leading to a 10-8 in the first.

Lopez knocked Depestre's head back with jabs, blocked Depestre's punches when he was brave enough to throw one, and threw nasty one-twos of his own.

After a seven-shot combination, that included hooks and straights thrown with bad intentions, Lopez punched Depestre through of the ring ropes early in the third, and won the fight there and then to advance his pro record to 9 wins (8 KOs).

Davis scored win after point deduction for wrestling

In the penultimate fight of the night, Kelvin Davis — brother to Keyshawn — was by no means in a gimme just because of who he's related to, as Clarence Booth pushed him hard in the second round, making him work if he were to score the 11th win of his pro career.

Davis, with Brian McIntyre in his corner, showed solid fundamentals. He had a textbook jab he'd throw and score with in what seemed like a routine move.

Booth, far more rugged, forced his own openings by backing Davis into a neutral corner and then just spamming him with shots thrown in an unconventional manner.

Both boxers ended up on the floor in the fifth, with the referee deducting a point from Booth, and then Davis, for wrestling around on the ground, much to the chagrin of the loud crowd.

So wild was Booth, as he chased Davis around the ring while throwing haymakers, that he almost bounced the cameraman off his perch when they clattered into the ropes by the blue corner. 

Davis, meanwhile, had greater movement — something he, perhaps, relied too much on — jabbed well, and just tried to avoid the mauling nature of his opponent at all costs.

Though Booth lost the bout by decision, he won fans as the crowd booed Davis, and cheered the Clearwater fighter.

Jukembayev notches 22nd win of his pro career

Batyrzhan Jukembayev and Mohamed Mimoune exchanged bodyshots early in their main event of the evening.

Mimoune had some variety to his artillery as he'd pepper Jukembayev with thudding left hooks, crisp combinations, and kept his guard tight to try and thwart what Jukembayev threw back.

Jukembayev, though, had success with straight shots and seemed to really come alive when Mimoune hit him with something hard, as if to awaken him, as he'd return fire with flurries.

Jukembayev also threw power punches that would purposefully land on Mimoune's guard, in an attempt to lower it little by little, and create openings around or through the middle of it. And, as the fight grew on, it seemed like the bigger shots, when they landed, were Jukembayev's. 

In the end, the judges rewarded Jukeumbayev with a comfortable decision win (98-92 (x2) and 99-91) and so the Kazakh southpaw advanced his pro boxing record to 22 wins (16 KOs) against just one knockout loss to Subriel Matias in 2021.