ProBox TV's Top Five Knockouts of the year

1. Junto Nakatani KO 10 Andrew Moloney

Australia’s Andrew Moloney had been down in the second round and again in the 11th as he began to tire against Japan’s exciting Junto Nakatani.

But the crowd at the MGM in Las Vegas witnessed a devastating finale in the 12th and final round as Nakatani captured the vacant WBO super-flyweight title.

Southpaw Nakatani held a jab in the Australian’s face darted to his right, Moloney forged forwards and as Nakatani moved, he detonated a hard, precise left hook that landed flush in Moloney’s face.

The power to Moloney’s legs was instantly cut, they gave way and he dropped suddenly onto his back. It was a huge shot and laced with devastating power. Referee Mark Nelson knew it was over almost as soon as Moloney hit the canvas and waved it off immediately.

2. Julissa Guzman KO 8 Ramla All

Mexico’s Julissa Guzman made a statement when London-based Somalian Ramla Ali challenged her in the USA.

A short left hook shut Ali’s lights out and Ali went down hard, her left arm flying out by her side as she dropped.

Gamely, Ali tried to sit up, but rocked forwards and was cradled by referee Keith Hughes, who had seen enough. There was widespread shock through the New Orleans Smoothie Center as Ali was unbeaten, 9-0, and the favourite.

And though she defeated Guzman on points later in the year in Monte Carlo, it was Guzman, who had also floored Ali in rounds five and eight in New Orleans, who scored one of the most graphic stoppages of the year.

3. Ja’Rico KO 5 Peter McGrail

In one of the upsets of the year, hot prospect Peter McGrail was seemingly heading to victory against Ja’Rico O’Quinn – even dropping him twice – but the Liverpool southpaw, emboldened by his success, stormed forwards against O’Quinn and as he did so charged onto a huge right hand.

O’Quinn, with his back to the ropes, fired a Hail Mary and boy did it land. It took everything out of McGrail who initially fell onto his side and onto the bottom rope before slipping beneath it, face down,

O’Quinn wheeled away in celebration and checked to see if McGrail would rise but the 8-0 Englishman lay prone, being checked on by referee Mark Calo-oy and the American underdog could carry on celebrating his huge victory.

4. Jordan White KO 1 Eridson Garcia

ShoBox saw its share of excellent knockouts and Jordan White’s sublime counter left hook of Eridson Garcia was worthy of joining that illustrious highlight reel.

Washington’s White, a rangy super-featherweight, launched his left hand as Garcia, a southpaw, threw his own wide left hand. But White turned away from Garcia’s while Garcia walked on to White’s. It was over in an instant, in a shocking moment, Garcia fell onto his back, his gloves in the air and his eyes in orbit. The fight had lasted just 1-57 of the first round. 

5. Adrian Curiel KO 1 Sivenathi Nontshinga

It was supposed to be something of a coming out party for South Africa’s touted IBF light-flyweight champion Sivenathi Nontshinga, on a major card in Monte Carlo. But things went terribly wrong for the young star against supposed non-puncher Curiel.

Mexican challenger Curiel, who had stopped just four of 28 opponents, 23-4-1 going in, caught the champion circling to his left and cut off Nontshinga’s exit by stepping in with a huge right hand after only 69 seconds.

It cut right through the South African, who fell heavily to the canvas, via the bottom rope. “It’s over,” said former world cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew on commentary.

Referee Sparkle Lee waved it off, summoned help from paramedics and although Nontshinga managed to sit up, he was nowhere near beating the count.

Honourable mentions

Brian Mendoza KO 7 Sebastian Fundora, ‘Towering Inferno’ felled by terrific right hook-left hook combo. 

Luis Lopez KO 5 Michael Conlan, Conlan ducks low onto a right uppercut he never saw coming.

Jaron Ennis KO 10 Roiman Villa, Wide hooks spell the end of Villa’s game resistance.

Yoenis Tellez KO 10 Livan Navarro, A savage left hook cum uppercut sends Navarro to sleep.

Ben Whittaker KO 4 Stiven Leonetti Dredhaj, vicious right hand-left hook starches brave Dredhaj.

David Morrell KO 1 Yamaguchi Falcao, Morrell makes statement with huge southpaw right hook.

Zhilei Zhang KO 3 Joe Joyce II, Joyce crumbles after big bang Zhang’s short right hook.

Jorge Chavez KO 1 Bryan Perez four-punch combo (left-right, right left) sends Perez flying into the ropes and out in 30 seconds.