Paulie Malignaggi: It is clear as day Haney lost that fight

 ProBox TV's own Paulie Malignaggi has been vocal about Devin Haney versus Vasiliy Lomachenko. As Malignaggi picked Lomachenko to win the fight when a lot of pundits didn't. recently caught up with Malignaggi who shared his reaction to Haney's recent unanimous decision win over the past weekend. 

"I think the reaction of the whole boxing community speaks for itself," said former world champion Paulie Malignaggi said to "I was going to praise [Devin] Haney for something of things he did well, better than I expected him to, but he still lost the fight."

Malignaggi who famously had a meltdown in the ring after a bad decision went against him when he lost to Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz on HBO and took to the microphone. Malignaggi spoke to the business of boxing once again.

"It is clear as day that [Haney] lost the fight," furthered Malignaggi. "With the exception of one or two people, it is almost unanimous that [people feel Haney lost the fight] and was losing the fight. It's boxing politics. There is more of a future for a 24-year-old as an undisputed champion than there is for a 35-year-old, and unfortunately, the business of boxing doesn't have any respect."

Paulie even went on to further drop another rumor that we have yet to hear anywhere else stating that Top Rank extended their deal with Devin Haney prior to the fight.

"I got one more tidbit for you and I am going to break it here," said Malignaggi. "Bob [Arum] resigned Haney two days before the fight."