Parker v Ryder Undercard Results

Cruiserweight Tommy Fletcher (2-0) kicked off the action at the 02 Arena ahead of the anticipated WBO interim super-middleweight title between Zach Parker & John Ryder. The unbeaten Fletcher-faced Czech fighter Jiri Krejci (1-2-2) was scheduled for four rounds and didn't need more than one round to claim a stunning knockout. The 6ft 7inch Fletcher did not have to go searching for his Czech opponent who attempted to close the distance and was peppered with jabs and hooks by Fletcher. After 2:19 of the opening frame, Fletcher landed a left uppercut which knocked-out Krecji before he even hit the canvas which referee Marcus McDonnell immediately waved off. Fletcher improves his unbeaten record to 3-0.

* * * * * * * *

Dubliner, Pierce O'Leary, (10-0) contested his first title as a professional fighter facing Emmanuel Mungandjela (16-3-1) of Namibia. The vacant WBC international super-lightweight title was up for grabs and was scheduled for 10 rounds. O'Leary scored a knockdown with a left hand after Mungandjela attempted to lurch forward with a left of his own however the Nambiana ended up taking a count after falling to the canvas. The Namibian was on shaky legs for the remainder of the round. The second round saw Munganjela swing punches wildly with O'Leary stalking and countering efficiently. The highlight was a right hook from the Irishman which sent the Nambian spinning towards the ropes in the final ten seconds.The third saw O'Learly's punching power begin to tell as the Nambian was on shaky ground for the majority of the round however Mungandjela was firing back but crudely and ineffectively. Round four saw O'Leary buzz his opponent on multiple occasions after implementing changes in shortening his punches especially up close which saw the opponent again looking on shaky ground.

Munganjela was having the best of round five and was able to work combinations onto O'Leary however in the dying embers of the round, O'Leary scored another knockdown from a right-left combination. The sixth was less dramatic than the previous however O'Leary was dominant throughout with another left-right combination the highlight. The seventh was a more tame affair with O'Leary slowing the tempo and using his superior technique to pick off and countering the African visitor. Round eight was a more scrappy affair with a lot of fighting up close and clinching which saw Munganjela give his all with one noted barrage against the ropes which was semi-blocked and parried by O'Leary. O'Leary blew an opportunity to get an early night in the ninth having the Namibian wobbled for the whole round yet could not capitalise following a flush right hand which saw referee Mark Lyson take several looks at several points in the round. The final round saw the pairing take turns to fire off on each other with both men feeling the pace which saw the awkward Munganjela have scrappy success in comparison to O'Leary's tidier work. Ultimately this would go down as a great learning fight for O'Leary who should have got claimed a stoppage, After ten rounds, O'Leary claimed victory via unanimous decision with scores of 99-89, 99-90, and 96-92. O'Leary improves to 11-0.

* * * * * * * *

Dennis McCann & Joe Ham squared off for the vacant Commonwealth super-bantamweight title scheduled for twelve rounds next up. The twenty-one-year-old McCann is unbeaten in thirteen fights as a pro-up against Joe Ham who is a former decorated amateur fighter from Scotland holding a record of Seventeen wins against three losses.

The opening round was a quiet affair with McCann scouting Ham, throwing a few jabs and one hook to the body which was the highlight with Ham throwing nothing in return. McCann in the second was able to circle Ham who again offered little other than a few jabs which saw McCann counter beautifully with the back-hand lefts to head and body before backing up Ham in the final 30 seconds. McCann again was dominant in the third behind the jab with Ham unable to answer which saw the Scot countered when he did attempt to land. A lead right uppercut from McCann saw damage to Ham's nose.

Round four saw McCann run through the gears in the opening minute landing multiple combinations on Ham and starting to open up with his arsenal of shots throughout the round. Ham started to attempt to be more forward-thinking however he got countered once again time after time. Ham scored his first notable success after a double right hand in the final thirty seconds of the fifth round. Round six was a more competitive affair with both fighters throwing jabs but missing their follow-ups McCann was the more adventurous of the pair and ultimately the more accurate fighter. McCann regained the momentum of the fight by using quick hands and ultimately quickened the tempo with the work mostly coming off the jab and able to follow up with the left to head and body without reply.

The end came in the eighth round from McCann who again dominated the round, landed a lead right uppercut which snapped the head back of Ham before unleashing an unanswered barrage ending with a short right hook which saw Marcus McDonnell wave off the contest at 2:28of round eight. McCann improves to 14-0.

* * * * * * * *

Sam Noakes (9-0) was up next defending his WBC international silver lightweight title and contesting the vacant Commonwealth lightweight title against Calvin McCord (12-0) in a scheduled twelve-round contest. The opener saw a very competitive start from both with successes for both. McCord started early with a left hook landing on Noakes before Noakes upped the past and showed that has the speed advantage of landing good jabs himself and targeted the body very well. Noakes started fast in the second round with quick bursts up close which saw McCord looking uncomfortable. McCord landed a nice one-two at range halfway through the round before ending the round on the front foot before a big right uppercut stopped the Scottish fighter in their tracks. Noakes already looked like the more explosive fighter,

Round three was a dominant round for Noakes who closed the distance extremely well and landed powerful shots in combinations, particularly to the body. McCord offered very little in response and looked out of his depth.

Sam Noakes had McCord four times in the fourth all from body shorts after being down within the first 10 seconds of the round from a vicious right hook landing across to the liver. Then the barrage came on fast resulting in Noakes knocking down his opponent a further three times. Victor Loughlin waved off the contest with forty-five seconds left of the round ensuring Noakes left the ring making a statement. Noakes claims the Commonwealth title and improves to 10-0 as a professional.