On this day...we lost Arturo Gatti

 July 11th was a big day in Arturo Gatti's story, as  24-year old Arturo Gatti (26-1, 22 KO) knocked out Feliciano Correa in the  3rd round in a bout that took place at Madison Square Garden. It is also the date of his tragic passing in 2009. 

Arturo Gatti was known for his aggressive, all-action fighting style and his ability to absorb punishment in the ring. The incredible heart and determination, Gatti showed made him becoming the go-to name when describing a fighter who could use his will to go farther than his skill. The blue-collar nature of his fighting style made him beloved by fight fans. Gatti's trilogy of fights with Micky Ward is often regarded as one of the greatest in boxing history, in these fights it showcases Gatti's never-give-up attitude.

He had two title reigns as Gatti held the IBF junior lightweight title from 1995 to 1998 and the WBC super lightweight title from 2004 to 2005. 

Gatti had the same trajectory as many top prospets showcasing a lot of power in developmental fights, as displayed by his slew of first-round knockouts. Though Gatti could box, it was his stubborn nature that often implored him to stand his ground. This led to many of his bouts at the highest level of the sport becoming thrilling slugfests.

In particular fights against Wilson Rodriguez, Gabriel Ruelas, Angel Manfredy, Ivan Robinson, Oscar De La Hoya, Micky Ward, Floyd Mayweather, and Carlos Baldomir demonstrate his toughness. Gatti was never knocked out cold. Against Wilson Rodriguez, Gatti showed off his recuperative abilities by withstanding a lot of powerful blows, only to stop Rodriguez in the very next round.

Arturo Gatti's legacy as an aggressive, durable fighter, who had a style that fans couldn't help, but want to watch.

Sadly on this day on July 11th, 2009, Arturo Gatti died under mysterious circumstances. Initially, his Brazilian wife was arrested on suspicion of homicide, but she was later cleared after the autopsy conducted in Brazil ruled that Gatti had committed suicide. 

Arturo Gatti was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame on December 10, 2012. A point of contention for some.