On this day...Greb defeated Smith

On this day, Harry Greb defeated Ed Smith from Missouri. Via written account, as footage is none existant, Greb apparently showed off his skills and dominance by toying with his opponent for the first two rounds. In the third round, Greb landed concussive blows that hurt Smith.

The bout was hatled in the fourth and final round when Greb stopped with a powerful punch that left his opponent unable to answer the ten-count. 

More about Greb

Harry Greb who just as much a legendary middleweight boxing champion as he is an enigma. Greb had an extraordinary career with nearly 300 total bouts, as he concluded his career with the record of 262 wins, 17 losses, 18 draws, and 1 no contest.

The formera tin roof layer in Pittsburgh, earning $12 a week, yet four years later through the sport of boxing improved his pay to $33,000 a year from his boxing exploits.

Greb fought in various exhibitions and official matches, one of which being against Kid Lewis, the bout turned very serious which saw Greb stop him with a body shot.. 

Unfortunately, Greb's life will partially be remembered by tragedy. As Greb's life would end due to complications to eye surgery.