Ofori halts highly-touted French in final round of grueling contest

Jeff Ofori would upset the undefeated home favourite and former decorated amateur, Callum French, to hand the North-East native the maiden defeat of his career in Newcastle.

In a turnaround from the opening three rounds, Ofori (12-5-2, 4KOs) would ultimately break down French (4-0, 1KO) in the eighth and final round. French was withdrawn by his corner early in the round, showing that he attempted a step bridge too far at this stage of his career.

The opening round saw French demonstrate his superior technical game and hand speed. In contrast, the second saw Ofori attempt to make the scheduled eight-round contest a more tentative and scrappy affair.

The third frame saw French regain control in the centre ring and establish his jab but did not prevent Ofori from being able to close the distance and land punches up close between clinches. Ofori would attempt to use some crude long left and right hands, which the French were able to negate and counter late in the proceedings.

The fourth would see both fighters land clean punches in the centre ring, throwing with each other, with Ofori landing a number of uppercuts, causing the face of the French to begin to swell and redden.

Ofori would carry on with the momentum and land several uppercuts and hooks around the guard of French, who was attempting to fight fire with fire but was ultimately losing that battle with Ofori landing at will and more tellingly in comparison to French.

Six would see high activity from both fighters in close quarters, with Ofori continuing to have multiple and telling successes, with French’s face deteriorating due to cuts from the continuous press of the Tottenham native Ofori.

Seven saw more of the same, with the end coming shortly after the eighth and final round commenced with French in distress and showing plentiful signs of cuts, swelling and reddening in the face.