Antonio Moran stops Romero Duno inside 6 on WNF

Antonio Moran defeated Romero Duno with a sixth round stoppage in a dominant display on Wednesday Nights Fights in Plant City, Florida. 

The first round saw a tentative opening 20 seconds in the 137 pound scheduled 10 rounder on ProBox TV. Mornan then landed a good roof overhand right followed by a left hook to the body of Duno. Moran pushed forward behind a busy double-jab to land the right down the middle. Duno did launch a half successful attack at the halfway stage of the opening round, landing a right to the body with Moran working off the back foot. The Filipino missed wildly with the uppercut, Moran landed a straight right in response. Duno flew at Moran with just over a minute left, he was caught with a counter left hook. Another wild miss from Duno closed out the round. 

Moran kept Duno at bay with his rangy jab to start the second round. Duno was struggling with the vast height and reach advantage of his opponent. Moran landed a big overhand right seconds later. Moran would use his size advantage to good effect on the inside and out. A stalling jab hit Duno flush in the face, he followed it up with a left hook that stunned Duno. A good left hand to the body of Duno marked the midway stage of the round. The pace dipped slightly, but Moran continued to act as matador until the bell. 

Round three began with Duno taking the frontfoot. However, by this stage Moran had his opponent well worked out. The Filipino pressed on regardless but ate a combination to the head. Moran pinned Duno to the corner within a minute on the clock, unleashing right and left bombs to the head. Duno did well to fight back to the center of the ring, but Moran appeared to make serious dents. Moran landed another precise right hand with just under half of the round to go. He quickly followed it up with a thudding left-right combination. The pace slowed in the final minute, Duno finally landed a big overhand right that he had been searching for all fight.

Duno started the fourth round with renewed vigour, but was caught by a counterpunch due to his lack of defense within the opening seconds. Moran had to reassert his dominance after a difficult opening 60 seconds. He got back behind his long double jab to control the pace in response to Duno’s pressure. The pace slowed again, but under Moran’s directive. Duno took another combination as Moran backed him to the ropes with 45 seconds until the bell. His footwork was smart to keep Duno guessing all night.

The fifth round had Duno flying out of the gates to begin the fifth round. However, Moran’s reach advantage was proving to be a defensive stone wall. Duno continued to be explosive but it was Moran who landed a good body shot after 30 seconds. Moran pressed the action, pouncing on Duno with a right hand shortly after. Moran’s good round continued as he landed the jab with ease to set up a busy right hand. Duno was on the canvas with 16 seconds to spare after Moran landed consecutive left hand shots to the body. Duno was up at the count of 6. The bell rang a second after. 

Moran unleashed a combination within 15 seconds of round six, his jab couldn’t miss by this stage. He smelt blood, cutting off the ring to corner Duno. The man from Mexico City landed a straight right to push Duno back to the ropes, calmly following it up with a crushing left hook to send him to the canvas a second time at 1:50. Duno sat on the floor shaking his head as the referee counted to ten to give Moran the knockout victory.

Moran picks up a fourth straight victory on ProBox TV, his record improving to 30-6-1 (21 KOs). Duno picks up a first loss in three fights, his record moves 26-4 (20 KOs) while adding a third knockout loss to his name.