Morales Favors Munguia Over Golovkin

Hall of Fame fighter, who now serves as a boxing trainer to middleweight Jaime Munguia, Erik Morales feels his fighter will beat Gennadiy Golovkin.

“Jaime [Munguia] is a young fighter who is pushing hard, and I can’t see why we couldn’t win [against Gennadiy Golovkin],” Erik Morales stated when speaking to IZQUIERDAZO. “And I dare to say that [Munguia] would knock him out.”

Munguia after his last fight called out Golovkin for a fight to occur around the Cinco De Mayo fight date of 2023. 

“They are not in the same strength now. In his last fight [against Canelo Alvarez], Golovkin looked diminished, despite the fact that he closed in better form [than Alvarez],” said Morales. “[Golovkin] looks tired. He is not the same Golovkin as he was two or three years ago. He is a great athlete, a great fighter, but Jaime is pushing strong. He is 26 [years old]. He has a future ahead of him.”

The big thing with Jaime Mungia, a fighter who burst on the scene at such a young age, we have been waiting for him to look to take over a division, as year-after-year it has been a slew of stay busy fights. Even, a 40-year-old Golovkin would be a step in the right direction.