Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Sanctioned As A Professional Fight

Mike Tyson has confirmed that his fight with Jake Paul on July 20 has been “sanctioned as a pro fight.”

“I wasn’t joking when I said this would be a real fight. See you in July @jakepaul,” was posted on Tyson’s Instagram.

The outcome of the bout will be added to their professional records, and the fight will be contested over eight-two-minute rounds. They will each wear 14oz gloves.  

Tyson, an International Boxing Hall of Famer, is 50-6 (44 KOs), and had his last pro fight in June 2005 while 27-year-old Paul is 9-1 (6 KOs), lost to Tommy Fury last year and was born in 1997. 

The fight has been officially sanctioned by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR).

Tyson, who turns 58 on June 30, boxes the social media superstar at the AT & T Stadium in Texas with the intriguing rematch pitting Irish star against Amanada Serrano as the Netflix co-main event.

“Mike Tyson and Jake Paul signed on to fight each other with the desire to do so in a sanctioned professional fight that would have a definitive outcome,” said Most Valuable Promotions co-founder Nakisa Bidarian. “Over the past six weeks MVP has worked with its partners to satisfy the requirements of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR) to sanction Paul Vs Tyson and we are grateful that we have gotten to this point. 

“MVP has championed fighter choice since its inception, including advocating for women’s boxing to be contested with 2 or 3 minute rounds based on the particular fight matchup. 

“Paul vs Tyson and Taylor vs Serrano 2 will both be contested with 2 minute rounds and each mega-fight will have its winner. 

“Thank you to the TDLR and Holden Boxing for their efforts throughout this process to date and we look forward to working closely with them as we approach fight night.”