Mike Tyson’s advice for Errol Spence Jr. is to take an interim bout rather than immediately rematch Terence Crawford

LAS VEGAS: Errol Spence Jr. should take at least one interim fight before marching straight back into the ring to rematch his career rival Terence Crawford.
That's according to legendary former heavyweight Mike Tyson, who told ProBox TV and other reporters Tuesday that Spence "absolutely, yes" deserves a second fight with boxing's No.1 fighter.

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Spence and Crawford came to blows July 29 after complex, on-and-off fight negotiations that spanned 18 months.
It was a welterweight bout in which two undefeated boxers put all of the major world championships in that division on the line, for one of the most anticipated pay-per-view events of the modern era.
Pre-fight, it was considered a 50-50 bout. However, very early, it was clear that the night was Crawford's as the Omaha boxer dropped Spence three times en route to a dominant ninth round finish.
Spence and Crawford told ProBox TV and other reporters at the time that, should they meet again, then the fight should take place at super welterweight, rather than welterweight.
However, though Spence has reportedly activated his contractual right to a rematch, it is thus far unclear when the rematch will take place, and what weight limit will be imposed on the fighters.
Speaking at a media event in Las Vegas midweek, to showcase his mentee Francis Ngannou ahead of the former UFC champion's 10-round bout against Tyson Fury on October 28 in Saudi Arabia, Tyson said "Spence should get another fight" before rematching Crawford.
Regarding advice he'd give Spence, Tyson said: "[He] should get another warm-up fight, or two, and then go back [to Crawford]."
The midweek media event Ngannou and Tyson attended coincided with the MMA star's launch for 'Roots of Fight' — a media, lifestyle, and apparel brand.