Tyson Fury's novice opponent Francis Ngannou "knows how to box," according to Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is releasing more footage of him helping coach Francis Ngannou ahead of the Tyson Fury fight October 28 in Saudi Arabia.
In the videos, Tyson can be seen demonstrating to Ngannou how to drill certain punch routines with Dewey Cooper, one of the best-known combat sports coaches in Las Vegas who has overseen much of Ngannou's MMA career.
Ngannou, a former UFC heavyweight champion known for his thunderous power, "knows how to box," according to Tyson.
"I'm not easily impressed … but this is what hard work and dedication looks like," Tyson said on X, the social media channel formerly known as Twitter.
Tyson linked up with Ngannou in the months after the fighter left the UFC as the market-leading promotion's MMA champion, when he booked the bout with Fury.
Fury has an implied 80% chance of success according to bookmakers, which is unsurprising when considering the fact he is the unified heavyweight boxing champion of the world, with a number of iconic wins over Deontay Wilder and Wladimir Klitschko, and someone who has far more experience than the relative novice Ngannou.
Ngannou, like Wilder, has an unconventional boxing style but has barely fought in the boxing ring.
After the 10-round fight, it is likely Ngannou will return to the MMA as he has a deal with rising promotion PFL MMA — the same company Jake Paul is signed to.