Mike Perry Ready For Jake Paul If Tommy Fury Isn’t

Former UFC fighter Mike Perry who know holds a belt in a bare-knuckle boxing organization is ready if Tommy Fury isn’t. 

Mike Perry is being touted as the back-up plan for Jake Paul fight February 26 in Saudi Arabia, if Fury once again can’t make it to fight night. 

For those unaware, Fury has canceled a bout with Jake Paul on two different occasions. 

“I’d be ready to go at the last minute if necessary,” Perry said when speaking with MMA Fighting. “I think that’s why they announced I’m the backup because it’s a foolproof plan. Mike Perry would be ready to show up and fight. The thing is with the Paul brothers and the Fury’s, too, it’s a business and they’re choosing to do business with me. Because of my past, my history, I always show up and I’m down for a fight and I give it all I got. That’s something you can count on.”

Perry is ready and willing to step-up to the challenge if given the chance as he might feel a bit 

“Fury, I guess he hasn’t really been proven yet and his last toughest fight was against one of Jake’s sparring partners who Jake said was an easy matchup for him. I think I’m the tougher fight for any guy in any competition. I’m out here giving it my all. I don’t have any quit in me. I’m a relentless warrior forever. It’s marked on me for a reason and that’s my game plan. To just stay in it, use my chin how I have to, and just stay in the game and keep pushing these guys back. Anybody calls on me, they know what time it is. I’m showing up, I’m showing out and I might knock you out.”

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