Michael Conlan reveals amicable split from Adam Booth ahead of possible link-up with Buddy McGirt

Michael Conlan has revealed that he has parted from trainer Adam Booth amicably following his defeat against Luis Alberto Lopez in May in which he suffered a knockout defeat in five rounds in his hometown of Belfast. 

Conlan (18-2) has challenged for respective versions of the featherweight world title, suffering knockout defeats in both instances. Conlan’s maiden opportunity came in February 2022 against Leigh Lood, suffering a twelfth round knockout where he was knocked out of the ring whilst leading on all three judges scorecards when the contest was brought to a halt. 

In May, Conlan suffered a heavy knockdown as he challenged for the IBF title against Luis Alberto Lopez in round five. Trainer, Booth, immediately withdrew Conlan from the contest as he attempted to stagger back to his feet. 

In both instances Conlan has not pointed the blame at Booth or anyone else for that matter. Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph Conlan reveals that he needed a fresh start and reiterated his desire to continue his career. 

 "I don't blame anybody, but I'm doing a big shake-up at the minute around how I'm moving forward," he confirmed.

"It's a fresh start with a fresh set-up and we'll look at the best options. Possibly Miami, possibly England and possibly the same gym with a different coach.

"I've already spoken (with Booth) and we ended it amicably. I'm not pointing fingers or blaming anybody, but I just need something different."

The separation from Booth means that Conlan will be seeking for his third professional coach after beginning his professional career with Manny Robles and trained out of California in the United States. 

The former Irish Olympian has already secured a link-up with Buddy McGirt and will be visiting the renowned trainer as McGirt is currently preparing Dillian Whyte for his anticipated rematch with Anthony Joshua on August 12th. 

Conlan has also not ruled out the possibility of working with American-based Cuban trainers Pedro Diaz and Jorge Rubio. 

"I like the Cuban coaches: Pedro Díaz, Jorge Rubio. I've been speaking to Buddy McGirt as well and will go over to see him next week in England and do a few days to see what he is like, but I don't think I'll have it nailed down in the next month or so anyway," said Conlan, who also suggested his time with promoter Top Rank may be over.

"I'm not just going to try one coach and go 'that's it' as I did that at the start of my career with Manny (Robles). I don't regret that, but then I probably should have shopped around a lot more, so we'll see."