Mexican future stars Jaime Osuna and Guillermo Keb are ready for the big stage as the undefeated pair return on Wednesday February 8th, live from Mexico City, Mexico, and available on ad-free for $1.99 a-month or FREE on YouTube

Osuna, who is a multi-time national champion in Mexico will continue his quest through the middleweight ranks, with the Baja California native discussing his upcoming outing. 

“I am eager to return to the ring, and love the way ProBox TV is honoring the Mexican fighting tradition and culture by broadcasting world-class fight on their platform alongside one of my boxing heroes Juan Manuel Marquez” said Osuna, 

“My goal is to knock this opponent out on Wednesday,” said the 18-year-old, Jaime Osuna. “I am excited to be in-front of television cameras and great production and this guy is going to face the best version of Jaime Osuna that has ever existed. I really hope he is ready. I know I am!”

Osuna is joined by fellow Mexican standout Guillermo Keb, and Keb, son of former world champion Gilberto Keb, who continues his development in the super featherweight division.

“I am very eager to get to work this Wednesday and to put on a show on,” said Keb. “I was a Mexican youth national champion, a multi-time national medalist, and now the goal is to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a world champion like him.”

“My goal is to fight with honor each and every time out and to make my family proud while also inspiring others,” said Keb who has a 55-5 amateur record. “I am ready to burst on the scene and make a big statement and I am grateful to ProBox for allowing me to get to fight on cards of this magnitude.”

Boxing legend Juan Manuel Marquez, who has been a consistent figure on ProBox TV gave his take on the two up and coming prospects.

Marquez said, "I am excited for JMM's first promotion on February 8 in Mexico City on ProBox TV. There are some great prospects like Guillermo Keb and Jaime Osuna. I am excited for them and I wish them great things for the future."

"I am happy to be able to guide these talented fighters on the right path in boxing and I hope that brings them great success."

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