Trevor McCumby gets decision over Christopher Pearson in Florida

Super middleweight Trevor McCumby scored a lopsided points victory over Christopher Pearson in the chief-support this evening on WNF in Plant City, Florida.

McCumby started on the offensive from the opening bell landing a crowd-gasping left hook to the head in just 20 seconds. McCumby went on the attack, landing various body shots on the covered up Pearson. McCumby clubbed the guard with his opponent against the ropes, eventually landing an uppercut on the inside as the guard dispersed. McCumby continued to hit the covered up Pearson, but he did land a rare left to get out of harm's way. McCumby went full-attack mode for the rest of the round, but many of his shots didn’t connect. However, a big right hand landed for McCumby before the bell. 

The second round saw a much quieter opening 60 seconds. It continued with Pearson landing odd short left hands to the body. McCumby landed a straight right hand inside the final minute in a drab round. McCumby flew in combinations to the body with Pearson on the backfoot in the opening minute of round three. The pace slowed again for the next 60 seconds. A good right hook caught McCumby a few seconds later, he pounced on his adversary but Pearson let him recover due to a less-than precise follow up.

McCumby took the lead in round four, a two second light glitch paused the action for just a moment. There wasn’t too much to report from much of the round. However, there was a clash of heads that caused a cut to the eyelid of McCumby and the hairline of Pearson. McCumby pounced on his man to land a combination. 

Round five saw McCumby land a slapping right hand to the body of Pearson, his move down from light heavyweight proving helpful in Plant City. A good right hand to the head of Pearson followed, he replied with a good left hand of his own. McCumby came back seconds later with an overhand right to the head again, ending the round with a crowd pleasing right hand upstairs. 

The sixth was opened by a full 90 seconds of McCumby pressure. The action slowed for the remainder of the round, with both men having blood combing from their cuts. The seventh saw McCumby start on the attack, an uppercut sneaking through the guard. Pearson swung in shots while his back was to the ropes. McCumby landed a straight right, followed by a left hook at the midway stage. Pearson’s conditioning was looking not to the highest level at this late stage. McCumby closed the round with a left hook to Pearson’s chin. 

A similar theme continued through to round eight, Pearson shelling up from McCumby’s pressure looking for laboured countershots. Round nine began with a McCumby catching Person with his head in the air with the right hand. McCumby picked up the pace throughout the rest of the round, landing a good combination at the halfway mark, followed by a good body shot. McCumby’s sustained pressure saw him have one of his best rounds. Pearson did land a rare left hand in the final stages, but McCumby responded with another right to the head. 

The tenth and final round would see Pearson needing a knockout to get the win. However, it was McCumby who continued to dominate. Pearson was hanging in there flicking out the odd right jab to have some rest-bite. 

All three judges scored unanimously for McCumby with cards of; 100-90, 97-93 and 99-91. 

McCumby’s record improves to 28-0 (21 KOs), with Pearson’s record moving to 17-4-1 (12 KOs).