Mauricio Lara Feels U.K. Is His Second Home

Mauricio Lara is quite the fan of going to England to fight, and honestly what is not to like for him. 

Lara this past weekend knocked out Leigh Wood to win the WBA featherweight title, and in some people’s eyes is the best guy in the division. Lara first burst on the scene by knockout Josh Warrington, who was coming off a career-best year. Rather than embracing the underdog role, Lara has found himself at home in England.

“As I’ve said, it’s almost like my second home here,” Lara said to a translator and as recorded by Keith Idec of “..thank God people applauded me and welcomed me really well.”

Though it appears through early reports that Leigh Wood will activate his rematch clause to face Mauricio Lara next, the fight the fans want is a epic conclusion with Josh Warrington.

“I wanna spend some time with my family. It’s been a really long training camp. And, you know, whatever my manager says, whatever Eddie Hearn says. You know, I’m ready for it. I’ll take anything on,” said Lara after his grueling bout on Saturday. 

Lara’s patented left hook landed in the seventh round in a fight most thought he was losing into his power changed the fight and forced Wood’s trainer Ben Davison to throw the towel in. With the performance, Lara becomes one of the biggest names in the division.

“It means a great deal,” Lara said of the win. “You know, it comes from hard work, dedication. I came here with a suitcase of dreams and it means, you know, a great deal. It’s almost like I’ve been carrying a huge weight, a burden, a stone on my back. And this is for Mexico, and this is also for my family and my daughter.”