Manny Pacquiao Advisor, Gibbons, Talks About Rumored Conor Benn Fight

Though we have heard whispers of a potential mega-fight between Conor Benn, and Manny Pacquiao, Sean Gibbons, the advisor to Manny Pacquiao was quick to tell iD Boxing that nothing will happen until Benn has been cleared two fight after his two failed drug tests prior to the Chris Eubank Jr fight.

Benn’s two failed tests saw the cancelation of a major pay-per-view bout with the aforementioned Chris Eubank Jr., but recently Eddie Hearn floated the idea to the public as a scenario during various media interviews.

“Manny is looking to return to the ring for exhibitions and real fights, but the consensus between all parties is that until Conor Benn gets a green light from the WBC or whatever party is overseeing this investigation on the suspension, until he is completely cleared nobody really wants to talk about it,” Sean Gibbons said to iD Boxing. “…there’s a potential for sure if Conor Benn is clear. If not we would’ve loved to have fought Kell Brook, who I see is talking about wanting to do one more [fight].”

Benn is currently having two investigations held against him for as the World Boxing Council, better known as the WBC and the British Boxing Board of Control along with United Kingdom Anti-Doping. BBBoC decision will determined if a ban or suspension will follow Benn around, whereas the WBC decision will determine whether Benn gets a world ranking in their sanctioning body. 

“He’s coming here in England to do a three-city tour, autographs and stuff, so whatever it may be, I see him doing a little boxing like he did in Korea in December,” Gibbons furthered. 

Gibbons states that interest is there, but it is also, not anything concrete or finite. 

“On the Conor Benn subject there has to be some kind of closure on this whole issue with the positive tests he had and once that’s done then absolutely a lot of discussions can happen.”