Malik Scott claps back at Hearn for calling Wilder "overrated"

Malik Scott has hit back at comments from Eddie Hearn, who has labelled the former WBC world heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder, as the most overrated fighter in the sport. The comments came from the DAZN, who was playing devil’s advocate by asking Hearn to name fighters against a title description. (Example: greatest fighter, hardest hitting etc.)

The title of overrated was selected at random, to which Hearn named Wilder, insisting he is overrated and that he has no credible wins on his record outside of his victories over Luis Ortiz. Wilder would claim both victories by stoppage despite being outboxed in both encounters to flip the script of how both fights were being fought at.

The trainer of Wilder, Malik Scott, responded to Hearn’s comments saying that he is not surprised that he made them towards Wilder and that the British promoter has never had anything positive to say about the Bronze Bomber.

Speaking to ES News, Scott started by saying, “So this is the thing with Eddie Hearn. If you ask Eddie Hearn about Deontay Wilder, that’s the equivalent of going into a Christian church and holding the Quran up saying, ‘this is where the power is that.’”

“I’ve never heard Eddie say anything positive about Deontay besides he can punch, and that’s a given. You can’t ask Eddie Hearn ask anything good about Deontay, but you also can’t tell him nothing wrong about AJ. You see how the two collide? He’s pro-AJ, he’s anti-Wilder. But, you know, fuck him. We don’t need him.”

Scott has also confirmed Hearn’s comments that a fight between the two heavyweight big hitters is virtually and is close to being a done deal and that Deontay will make Hearn eat his own words when the pair meet in December in Saudi Arabia.

“As long as he plays his part in so-called getting this big fight done, that’s all we need Eddie for. But to say Deontay Wilder’s the most overrated fighter in the history of whatever it is he said, come on man.”

“You know what his answer is? The only person that Deontay beat is Luis Ortiz, but then that same Luis Ortiz he was scared to put Anthony Joshua up against. And Deontay fought him twice.”

“Well, now the most overrated boxer in the sport is about to knock Anthony Joshua the fuck out this December coming up.”

However, Joshua must come through his encounter with Dillian Whyte victorious. Otherwise, Hearn has said that “the deal with Saudis to fight Wilder will be off the table.”