Luis Alberto Lopez Vows To Defeat Warrington

We’re only days away from Josh Warrington looking to defend his IBF featherweight world title against game challenger, Luis Alberto Lopez.

The oddsmakers see this fight in a unique way. The line started as Lopez being a +600 underdog, which has dropped considerable down to +180 fight week.

“Thanks for the opportunity. It’s great to be here once again, and this time to be facing a champion. I always come here as a warrior for war and I won’t be going home without that World Title. I come full of capabilities, full of confidence in my preparation. I come to do what I always do, turn fights on their head and beat opponents when I’m not expected to do so. I’ll be winning this title. I’m coming for the knockout, that’s what I’ve come for. He shouldn’t believe what he sees on the videos. I’m a completely different proposition when I’m in the ring and that’s what I’m coming to do, I’m coming to win,” said Lopez at the podium, on Thursday’s press conference.

Though Warrington is the champion, his mindset seems to be that of a challenger.

"I’ve been in this position all throughout my career. I wasn’t meant to get this position. I wasn’t meant to win a European Title, I wasn’t meant to get a World Title. I’ve always been an underdog. Any fight at this level is always going to be a hard fight because he’s got himself into mandatory position. He’s beaten some decent guys along the way but I just don’t think he’s mixed in the same level that I’ve been in with. He’s certainly not had a fight like me,” said Warrington.

One of the best fights to conclude 2022 will take place overseas with the winner becoming a top-4 featherweight in the division.