Teofimo Lopez & Terence Crawford go toe-to-toe on X

With boxing news going through its slow period, which occurs every year around this time, leave it up to WBO junior welterweight champion Teofimo Lopez (19-1, 13 KOs) and unified welterweight champ Terence Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) to get into a shouting match on X. Lopez was being interviewed by Michelle Phelps where he mentioned that all of Crawford’s significant wins came under the circumstances of his opponents being injured. 

It looks like Crawford caught the clip from the interview and decided to address it along with some of his other thoughts. 

Crawford posted, “And @TeofimoLopez, yo little bitch a$s better worry about them little guys that’s on yo a$s down there in yo weight class. It crazy every time I see yo hoe ass you don’t even look my way, but when you in front of a camera, you got so much to say. You a pu%sy.”

Lopez answered, “Time will tell! You also need to focus on getting yourself out that trapped contract you in with Errol Spence Jr & Al Haymon. See you at the Top brudda. #NoSucker Plead the fifth.

Crawford returned with, “Last I recall your the only one in a f&cked up situation with TopRank. Go cry me a river.” To which Lopez replied, “Terence Crawford you right! I am the biggest pu%sy in the sport of Boxing. #1 LOMA : ❌#1 TAYLOR : ❌#1 CRAWFORD : (soon)”

Crawford then replied, “You better go fight Kambosos he the one that you should be fighting. Didn’t he beat yo ass?” and ended with, “Hey Teofimo Lopez naw real shit good luck in yo fight. Focus on him because he can fight and I don’t want you to look bad worrying about me when you got other problems on yo hand.”

Lopez is an intelligent fighter and knows precisely what he’s doing. Those comments he made in that interview weren’t by mistake, as Lopez does everything strategically. Shortly after beating Josh Taylor in June, Lopez “retired” but then requested to be upgraded to the WBO’s “super champion” status, which allows him to not only have up to 18 months to fulfill his mandatory but he could also request a title shot at welterweight to which Crawford is currently the champion.

Lopez wants the biggest fights, and there is no question that one between him and Crawford would be huge at welterweight, especially if the Errol Spence Jr. rematch does not happen next. This interesting storyline will likely continue to develop in the coming months.