Liam Wilson Feels Fight With Navarrete Should Be A No-Contest

An emotional Liam Wilson was very distraught after his knockout loss to Emanuel Navarrete, especially after dropping Navarrete with a left-hook in round four in a vacant 130 lbs world title fight

“Now that I think back on it, ‘yeah definitely’,” said Liam Wilson to Marcos Villeags of “He was on the ground long enough, his eyes were glassy, and I felt like he was a different guy. It is a shame [he was given] time to get back up, get his composure and spit his mouth guard out and next thing you know [it was 20 or 30 seconds].”

For those unaware, this was one of the most debated topics of the weekend as Navarrete was hurt badly, but given over 20 seconds to recover from the shot, due to a sequence of errors. 

On Sunday night it was released that Liam Wilson had watched the fight back, and felt the only outcome that should be tallied from his Friday night loss, was a no-contest. 

“It should have been over in the fourth,” Wilson said on Sunday morning, seated in the lobby of the fighter hotel…“I should be world champion,” said Wilson to Fox Sports Australia in the fighter hotel after the bout.“So it should definitely be ruled a No Contest…It’s blatantly obvious what happened.”